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  • Murder at Mount Vernon

    Released on February 22, 2020

    At Mount Vernon in March 1789, retired General George Washington must decide whether to accept the Presidency of the United States or to retire gracefully from the national stage as promised. The murder of one of his slaves and the efforts of his powerful adversaries stand in the way of his decision. He must overcome his political opponents and his increasing anguish at owning slaves on his journey toward honor and justice. The decisions he must make on this journey threaten the very future of the new nation as well as the people that depend on him. It will take all of the General's experience and leadership to win his most deadly battle yet.

  • The Great Cat of R’a

    Released August 3, 2016

    The Great Cat of R’a explores a world of deception and the dire consequences that come of it. Shesmu, receiving the Best-Young-Chef award from the Menmenet Montupahapy Society, begins a journey through circles of deceit that ultimately threaten to destroy his career and even his life. Following the money through the twisting byways in his Egyptian home town of Menmenet on the West Coast of North America, Shesmu confronts profitable nonprofits, murdering priests, and deluded gangsters from neighboring Russkaya Amerika. At the same time, he deepens his new relationship with Detective-Sergeant Cheryl MacIntyre of the Menmenet Medjayu, unwittingly putting her life on the line with his own. The second in the alternative-history Menmenet series, The Great Cat of R’a imagines an alternative world that combines ancient religion with modern criminality, mystery, and deceit.

  • The Two Kites

    Released Nov 19, 2012

    What would San Francisco life be like if the ancient Egyptian empire survived into the modern era and colonized the New World instead of the Spanish?

    Shesmu, the chef of a popular restaurant in the City of Menmenet, is in love with Neferaset, the wife of his mentor, Nekhen, who has been found with his throat cut in his kitchen. The medjays suspect she killed him, and Shesmu is on the hook to prove she didn't. In the subsequent odyssey of self discovery, Shesmu finds the killer but also finds that ma'at, justice, often is more difficult than just discovering the truth: sometimes you have to create the truth to find it. The Two Kites, an alternative history mystery novel, takes the reader to a very different kind of San Francisco while it explores the characters and culture that inhabit that city.