The Great Cat of R’a

Released August 3, 2016

Shesmu, the hero of The Two Kites, has inherited his mentor Nekhen's French Restaurant in the city of Menmenet. The Montupahapy Society, the premier food industry association, awards him the prestigious Best Young Pezu award after just a few months of work. Celebrating with his girlfriend, Detective-Sergeant Cheryl MacIntyre of the Menment Medjayu, he meets the officers of the Society, but the evening ends in disaster as one of them, Sen-Nedjem, assaults another guest and gets bounced from the nightclub, and the wer of the Society, Nes-Imen, asks for his help in dealing with deeper issues at the Society. Over the next few days, Shesmu gradually discovers that many things are not what they appear to be in Menmenet as he gets sucked into the Society's affairs and into MacIntyre's current case of a murder of a w'ab priest of Bastet by another w'ab priest. Following the money leads Shesmu and MacIntyre into the dark world of the Russian mafias of Russkaya Amerika, the part of Russia to the north of Menmenet on the North American west coast, then back to Menmenet. The consequences are dire and force Shesmu into a very different understanding of his own self-deception about his new life and his mentor; they also lead MacIntyre into mistaken trust and life-threatening situations she did not expect from a simple murder investigation. The second novel in the alternative-history Menmenet series, The Great Cat of R'a explores the nature and consequences of self-deception in a very different world from our own.

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